SUP Information Stand Up Paddle and Surf



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The  lagoon of Anakao is ideal to discover safely stand up paddle, a sport accessible to all. Do it during early morning or late afternoon, watching the coast and the island of Nosy Ve, follow fish and admire the coral for a relax time.
For sporty people, you can ride the small waves of the lagoon, or go to try the bigger wave of Tifouroune (Jelly Baby).

Stand Up Paddle has seen a rapid development in the world, thanks to its incredible accessibility, its ability to re-shape and the different potential uses:

– Walk: slip on a smooth sea and admire the funds and the landscape;

– Surfing: introduction on the small barrier in front of the club to discover the feeling of surfing or the wave Jelly Baby for the more experienced.

– The Fitness: simply stand up and paddle on a stand up paddle board starts up many muscles and the lap belt.


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