Kitesurf Information (Kite is not available during 2019)

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Enjoy exceptional thermal wind conditions in Anakao for learning and practicing kitesurfing. Due to the daily temperature differences between land and water, the thermal winds are almost daily side on Anakao between March and November. From early afternoon, sometimes late morning the wind is between 10 and 25 knots, making it the ideal place for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Courses and rental

Initiation: start browsing and discover the sensations of kitesurfing in a few hours. The material, safety, local winds, grab the wing, exercises only with the kite, body drag, water start, first edges.

Improvement: learn to go upwind, improve your position and optimize your practice. Then start jumping and surfing.

Rental: we have equipment for rent with various models of kites and boards. The rent is available in free form or with the assistance and safety.

Raid: expeditions of one or more days on board of traditional canoes, upwind to the south, discovering deserted beaches and unexplored waves.

The one-day tour around the island of Nosy Satrana is ideal for kite surfing. It starts in mid-morning on board of traditional canoe to cross the lagoon to the island. The end of the morning is free choice, you can go around the island, do some snorkeling or simply relax. Picnic around noon and afternoon, navigation between land and island on a backdrop of white sand. Back in downwind until Anakao.

The 2/3 days tour to the south of Anakao requires a minimum of 2 people and is set according to the wind conditions and the time available. It starts in a motorized canoe to the wild and unexplored beaches of the south to enjoy abundant downwind and to explore the lagoon and the solitary waves. Evenings and nights you spend in small hotels on the beach or in the tent.


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