Kayak Information


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With a kayak you can discover the beauty of the sea view of Anakao village in sunset peace, the departure of  fishermen in the morning on the flat water of the lagoon, the paradise of the wild landscapes of the islands of Anakao, Nosy Ve and Nosy Satrana, deserted beaches and large benches of white sand that are discovered at low tide, the canyons among the mangrove landscapes of the herons, so many landscapes to be discovered in the watercourses accessible only with sea kayaks.

Tour:            You can rent single or double kayaks for a ride to the lagoon or Nosy Ve island starting directly from our beach, under the supervision of a local guide, who will  show you hiden sites by giving you pirogue assistance.

 Otherwise you can choose the half-day tour of the mangroves riding through canals created by the sea, between mangroves and herons.

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